NDAPP Overview

🚀 NDAPP stands for Never Dump Always Pump Protocol, and it's a dump-proof new economic model in DeFi deployed on the BSC network designed to help users achieve financial freedom.
NDAPP is essentially an auto-staking token that passively generates profits at a daily 1.93% for its users while preventing the price from dumping by limiting the daily profit-taking from 5% to 1% of their token allocation. The team is aware of the importance of being transparent and has acted accordingly, providing safe practices for users to feel at home. These include KYC (Pinksale and Ape O Clock), Audit (Cyberscope), Liquidity locked, Funds management through smart contracts, Auto burn straight to the dEaD address, and many more.
The project's sustainability is guaranteed thanks to the Taxation principle, which applies to every purchase, sale, or transfer.
Don't be fooled by the name, this isn't a meme coin; NDAPP has been carefully crafted to last in the years to come.
  • Dump-Proof Mechanism -> Daily profit taking limit 1% to 5%
  • Auto-Staking -> Generates 1.93% daily, which compounded makes 110,289% APY
  • KYC -> Ape O Clock & PinkSale
  • Audit -> CyberScope
  • Locked Liquidity at PinkSale
  • Taxes -> Buy 11%, Sell 19%, Transfer 11%
  • Funds Management through Smart Contract
  • Automatic Burn -> Straight to dEaD address
Last modified 9mo ago